The Shaw Innovation Lab

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Check Out Our Robots!

We have the large industrial robots Baxter and Sawyer manufactured by Rethink Robotics as well as several other smaller robots.

Check Out Our drone!

The Innovation Lab has a DJI Matrice 600 and several smaller drones for training.

Experience Virtual Reality!

Go anywhere in the world, meet a dinosaur, or shoot down renegade robots!
Its all possible with virtual reality!

3D Printing!

Love to create? Want to see your creations come to life? Try 3D printing! We have multiple 3D printers in the Innovation Lab including the Lulzbot Taz shown here.

Make cool projects!

Come up with and create fun projects! We have all the tools you need!

Learn to Solder!

No experience? No problem! We will teach you the basics and get you up to speed!

Information Resources for Students Interested in Computer Science

Use the links below to connect with people in the computer science major at shaw. There are also links to learn about coding, Shaw and the City of Raleigh.